The Corniche located along Jeddah' s waterfront, inaugurated in 2017 is a modern counterpoint to the Old City Al Balal. Whereas Al Balal is representing the impressive heritage of the old history of Saudi Arabia, the beautiful Corniche is built for the future, serving the entire population, all generations but mainly addressing the young generation.
"Jeddah Waterfront is organized in a way that makes it suitable and enjoyable for people of different ages and interests. It is divided into a number of areas some of them are allocated for children to play safely and others are designed for athletes and those who want to exercise outdoors. There are sandy beaches with fronted man-made islands and there is also the Formula 1 Corniche circuit".(Wikipedia)
The following images should convey the feeling of openness, beauty and tranquility of the amazing sunset I experienced. As with my Al Balal series it was my foremost intention to avoid the postcard feeling. By no means is this intended to be a comprehensive documentation of this future-oriented development. It is merely a personal reflection of my feelings at that time.

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