Venice in December 1988. An unforgetable experience. A city without tourists and in the evenings nearly without any people on the steets. A medievil atmosphere, no traffic, no people, then and when a few dark figures scurring beteween the buildings hastening home, cold humidity making you shudder, foggy evenings and mornings and suddenly brilliant blazing sunshine. A working city without glamour with a silent, unobstrusive beauty waiting to be enjoyed by its residents.

All pictures were taken with analog - obvoiusly -  diapositive films (mainly Echtrachrome) following professional scanning and then carefully photoshopped by me to hide the  damages caused by the long archive time. I tried to respect the original character of the images and I did not use any photospops"tricks".

Despite the unhideable imperfectiones I trust you can enjoy with me the charme of these images transporting the special atmosphere of this unique city. Even then, over 30 years ago, Venice showed a broken image as the  last picture symbolizes.

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