Al Balad founded in the early 7th century served as Jeddah's commercial center. It also served as an ancient trading port and was the main gateway to the Holy City of Mecca. Today, the city is popular and visited for its ancient architecture and traditional buildings built from coral stone and decorated with beautiful wooden lattice windows. 

This is a quarter characterized by narrow and winding streets which make it a bit difficult to find ones way through. However, this is exactly what it makes it so interesting and exciting. Strolling through Old Jeddah, which has been added to UNESCO's World Heritage list in 2014, is a unique experience not easily found in the UAE.

Since the scorching heat in the summer months makes it rather difficult to walk through the place it is advisable to choose the evening hours. It is mainly because at night with harsh LED Illumination diminishing the beauty of most colors that I have chosen to present black and white images which have a more abstract and imporsonal effect, yet, conveying quite well the particular ambiance and beauty of this location. 

During my recent visit in in early May, numerous buildings where under renovation and reconstruction which limited my photographic opportunities.

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